Open 364 days a year, area residents and guests always count on us at Kelly’s Outer Banks Restaurant and Tavern.  In business for over 30 years, we are an Outer Banks tradition.  Visitors read about the restaurant before heading to the Outer Banks and even drive past it.  Locals love the camaraderie that comes from living here and bring their friends and families simply because they know that we will give them a great meal followed by some fun entertainment.

One thing that makes us so popular is that we treat our guests like family.  Whether regulars or dining here for the first time, each person is welcomed at the door.  Since we opened our doorsYou can always count on kellys!, over three million people have come here as we cater to pretty much everybody from seafood aficionados to land lovers.    This is just as perfect a restaurant for large groups as it is for small, intimate dinners for two.

For anyone wanting to extend the evening or simply go out for some fun, our Tavern is also a perfect place to settle for the evening.  The Tavern is a favorite for those wanting to hear live music from great local and regional bands or make it a big night of dancing. If a big dinner is not in the plan, then the Tavern is the answer as we offer a lighter, more casual menu.

As for Outer Banks events and parties, no one handles the details like us.  Whether catering the food or handling the entire event, we make sure everything goes off without a hiccup.

No matter the desires for the night, Kelly’s Outer Banks Restaurant and Tavern is truly a one-stop restaurant that accommodates everyone.  We want everyone to enjoy themselves and have a great dinner.  We look forward to another 30 years.  Remember the doors are always open…except on Christmas.  After all, everyone needs a little time with family.